Convert your Telegram Group into a Premium Telegram Group. Focus on what is important: create your content, take care of your fans; Andrew Marting will assist you with your group membership management.
  • Easy Setup
  • 2-minutes Setup
  • Invite Andrew Martin to your Group
  • Answer some questions
  • No emails
  • Discreet
  • All comunication is through Telegram
  • No Tricks
  • Fair
  • Fans will have access to Fling Groups until its subscription expires
  • No S4S, L4F or anything else that comes from Snapchat
  • International
  • Multi-Currency
  • Low fee
  • Affordable
  • 20% fee
  • 16% fee if you have a verified Winko profile
  • No frauds
  • Safe
  • Customers must know more than CVC to pay with a Credit Card
  • Backed by Stripe
  • Crypted communications between you and our servers

Andrew Martin Commands

Read all the available commands with a brief description of what they do.
Configure (or reconfigure a group).
See your balance.
Request a manual payout to your PayPal account.
Helps Andrew Martin to link a group when setting it up.
Stops the auto-charge of a given subscription.
Resumes a subscription if in pause.
Read all your money transactions.
See who has subscribed to any of your groups and the subscriptions you are paying.

System Requirements

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge
Verified PayPal account to receive payments and any major credit card to subscribe to any fling group.
Mobile (IOS & Android), Computer (Windows, MacOS & Linux)