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An easy way to monetize your Telegram Group

Premium Snapchat is very popular among content creators. It allows to have a recurrent income by sharing exclusive content through the Snapchat platform. However, because Snapchat is not designed to be a fully customized instante messaging and it is more a teenager platorm, it comes with some challenges.

We belive Fling Groups (aka premium telegram grous) are better than premium Snapchat because of the following:

Automatic Billing

Forget about chasing and remembering fans to pay or having unpaid members.

 monthly payment

Universal Pay and Pay out Methods

In premium Snapchat, content creators must use their own means to get the payment. Fling Gtroups takes credit/debit card from fans and pays out to content creators through PayPal.

monthly payment

fling group payout to content creator

Membership Management

If a fan fails to pay, they will be ejected from the group. They will be welcomed again once the payment is sorted out.

fling group fan ejected for lack of payment

Co-Hosted Groups

Is your bestie content creator as well? Maybe you want to co-host a premium telegram group and have a more dynamic group.

content creator cohosts interact with fans