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Normal Interaction

  1. Receive the invitation link from your favourite content creator.
    fling group content creator shares invitation link
  2. Subscribe to the premium group. After the payment, a direct join link will be discovered.
    fling group fans subscribe and join the group
  3. Interact with your favourite content creator through the premium chat.
    fling group content creator interacts with fans

When I don't renew the Subscription or When I share the direct Invitation Link with Someone else

  1. Andrew Martin won't allow you to be in the group. You will be rejected. If you rejoin by yourself without a valid subscription (creditcard payment didn't charge, another fan gave you the direct link and you join without payment), you will be rejected again.
    fling group fan ejected for lack of payment
  2. Once you have sorted out the payment issue, you will need to join using the fling group invitation link.
    fling group fan resubscribe and join the group

We encourage you to read our FAQ for Content Fans, we explain there many question you may have.