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What are Fling Groups for Telegram?

Flings Groups are Telegram Groups with our Andrew Martin Bot. You can see Andrew as your group manager.

Who is Andrew Martin?

Andrew Martin is our bot that manages all telegram group subscriptions.

What does Andrew Martin do?

Andrew will help you with the following:

  • Warrant you access to the group you have paid a given membership; if you need to leave the group, you will be able to get in again If your membership is still valid; and
  • Protect you against frauds: your money is protected if the content creator results to be a fraud (the group is cancelled).

Service Questions

What are the Requirements to use Fling Groups for Telegram?

In short, you must have:

  • a working Telegram account, and
  • a credit card. 

How do I join a Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram Group)?

  1. Contact your favourite content creator and ask for the Fling group link, it will be something like https://fling.group/of/XXXXXX
  2. Access the link and fill the form, you will need to enter your credit card information.
  3. After the first payment, the page will show you a t.me link, it will point directly to the group you want to join.

What Happens if I join without a valid Membership?

You will get a warning, 30 seconds later you will be expelled from the group.

What Happens if I pause a Group Subscription?

If you still have days before your subscription expires, you won't be kicked out of the group until the renewal date arrives. If you pause the subscription Andrew Martin won't charge your credit card on file and you will be kicked out of any group that a subscription couldn't be renewed.

How many Groups may I join?

As many as you want.

What happens if I get banned from a Fling Group and I still have a valid Subscription?

We encourage you to sort out the reason with the owner of the Fling group, whoever, if there is no agreement, you are entitled to a partial refund that covers from the date you report the issue up to your renewal date.

What happens if the Fling Group is destroyed and I still have a valid Subscription?

Don't worry, you are covered. If this happens, you are entitled to a partial refund that covers from the date you report the issue up to the renewal date.

Financial Questions

Does it cost?

Just the content creator fee. No other charge will be done from Fling Groups to fans.

How can I change my Credit Card?

Access the group invitation link, fill again the form. You won't be charged, just the credit card information will be updated.

What is the Description of my Credit Card Statement?

We understand discretion is a must, your credit card statement will have FGROUP as the description of the charge.