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What are Fling Groups for Telegram?

Flings Groups are Telegram Groups with our Andrew Martin Bot. You can see Andrew as your group manager.

Who is Andrew Martin?

Andrew Martin is our bot that manages all telegram group subscriptions.

What does Andrew Martin do?

Andrew will help you with the following:

  • Kick out members who don't hold a valid subscription to your group (in short, people who haven't paid),
  • Charge your fan's credit card automatically,
  • Delete any fan's text on the group that contains URL's

Service Questions

What are the Requirements to use Fling Groups for Telegram?

In short, you must have:

  • a working Telegram account,
  • an empty (brand new) Telegram group (it could be private or public type), and
  • a PayPal account (you will get your funds there) 

How do I Start?

  1. Invite @AndrewMartinBot to your group
  2. Send a Text to AndrewMartinBot with the   /start command. You will get a series of questions. Please answer them to set up Andrew the bot.

What Happens if Someone joins my Fling Group without Paying?

Don't worry, that person will get a warning and 30 seconds later they will be removed from the group.

What Happens if I ban Someone from my Fling Group?

They won't be able to join again until you invite that person manually yourself. In terms of money, that user is entitled to a refund, which will reduce your balance. We recommend you sort out any disagreement before banning any member.

There are other ways to restrict a user without banning (no refund):

  • mute (you can forbid media, icons, pools or everything).

How do I review my Balance?

Send a  /balance command to Andrew, you will see your balance.

What Is the Minimum Payout?

The equivalent to 25 Canadian dollars.

How do I request a Payout?

Send a   /payout command to Andrew.

May I receive extra Tips?

Oh yes! Fans will just need to type /tip 999 followed by the quantity in your group. Andrew Martin will charge their credit card from file and your balance will be updated.

How many groups may I have?

As many as you want. They can even have different subscription costs and different currencies.

Do you offer any Help in promoting my Fling Group?

Yes, you will be listed in a directory.

May I co-host a Fling Group?

Yes! To add a co-host do the following:

  1. Add your friend directly to your Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram group),
  2. Andrew Martin will warn about a missing paid subscription. That is okay. You have 30 seconds to give your partner administrative privileges (the same way you gave it to Andrew Martin).
  3. After 30 seconds, Andrew Martin will review that user privileges. If your new co-host is an admin of that group, you are done!

Financial Questions

Does it cost?

The signup process is totally free. We work on a percentage fee. If you don't profit, we won't either.

What is the fee?

  • 16% if you have a verified Winko Profile,
  • 20% in all other cases.

How do I prove I have a Winko Profile?

After you verify your Winko profile, you will get an authentication token in your profile. You will need to log into your Winko profile and get it from there. When you run the   /start command, Andrew Martin will ask you if you have a verified account, if you answer yes, it will ask you what your profile URL is first, then it will request for that authentication token found on your profile side menu.

What currencies are supported?

  • AUD: Australian Dollar,
  • CAD: Canadian Dollar,
  • EUR: Euro,
  • GBP: UK Pound,
  • USD: American Dollar, and
  • NZD: New Zealand Dollar.

More currencies to come.

What is the Minimum Payout?

The equivalent to 25 CAD. We use the Canadian dollar because Fling Group is a service of OKay Inc, which is a Canadian company.

How do I check out my Balance?

Send a   /balance command to Andrew Martin. You will see the balance in the different currencies you may have.

How do I request a Payout?

Just send a   /payout command to Andrew Martin. If you have a total worth of 25 CAD (or more), your cash-out request will be processed. You will have your funds transferred to the PayPal account you configured during the  /start process from 24 to 72 hours.

Telegram Questions

What is the difference between a Public and a Private Group?

Public and private groups have the same capabilities except for the following:

  • Any member of Telegram will be able to find a public group;
  • Any member of Telegram will be able to join any public group while private groups are only using an invitation link; don't worry if your telegram group is a Fling group, they won't be able to join even having an invitation link if they fail to pay the subscription;
  • The telegram states that private groups are really private, they won't review your content (however, this doesn't mean you are entitled to break the law).

Why is important to customize my Group?

This is very important, especially for those groups that are public. Public groups have their own customized URL and they are very easy to find (by chance) the URL. A good description will make it more appealing. Flatforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and others use the information you give to produce a quick preview. Please read our Telegram FAQ to find out how you customize it in case you don't know it. 

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