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An easy way to monetize your Telegram Group
  1. Everyone can have a free Telegram account;
  2. Zero initial investment;
  3. It keeps your Fans updated about you;
  4. You don't depend only on your cellphone to be in contact with your fans;
  5. It is fun;

Premium Snapchat is very popular among content creators. It allows to have a recurrent income by sharing exclusive content through the Snapchat platform. However, because Snapchat is not designed to be a fully customized instante messaging and it is more a teenager platorm, it comes with some challenges.

We belive Fling Groups (aka premium telegram grous) are better than premium Snapchat because of the following:

Creating a Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram Group) is very easy and strait forward. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Telegram Account if you don't have it.
  2. Create a brand new telegram group and include @AndrewMartinBot as your first and unique member. Andrew Martin will send you an informative message. Please read it.
  3. Customize your group: decide if it is a secret or public group, select an icon, set a group description.
  4. Press the button that Andrew Martin shows you. Andrew Martin will ask you some questions: price of your subscription, your PayPal account (for payouts), your Winko Club authentication token (optional, if you have one). When you finish, you group is ready. Andrew Martin will give you a customized link that you should share with your fans.

A very detailed signup process is described in our Telegram FAQ.

We will keep this article updated explaining the commands that are available from Andrew Martin. Remember that Andrew Martin is here to help you to profit in a fair way from your Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram Group).

  • /balance
  • /continue
  • /disablead
  • /enablead
  • /help
  • /pause
  • /payout
  • /setup
  • /start
  • /subscriptions
  • /tip
  • /transaction

There is a speech that says you prefer 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Although this doesn't apply literally, the meaning does.

Let's start defining what is Premium Snapchat:

Premium Snapchat is when a person sets up a premium Snapchat account, which is a term commonly used to mean they share content in return for cash. Premium Snapchat accounts are not officially recognised by Snapchat, so account owners have to work out the transaction method themselves.

If you don't see the obvious limitations, please continue this reading.

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Fling Group is service to convert your standard Telegram group into a Premium Telegram group that enables some users bill group membership; other users to enjoy others’ content and for some to do both.

Fling Group is the service from OKay Inc.

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