Create a Telegram Group and add @AndrewMartinBot.

He will ask you some setup questions, and you are ready to go! 2 minutes setup. Manage your group membership hassle free.

Easy Setup
You just need Telegram installed and a PayPal account. Hassle-free.
No emails or texts of any kind. If you want to know something, talk to @AndrewMartinBot
Members will always be accepted if they hold a valid subscription.
Bill your subscription in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, or USD.
20% fee or 16% fee if you link your verified Winko profile
Customers can't use stolen credit cards.
Keep them updated

Interact with your Fans

Your fans are in your premium group to interact with you and see your latest content. Interact with them, chat with them, give them a reason to renew their membership. You will realize that chatting is fun and entertaining.

Interact with your Fans
Maximize your exposure

Advertise your Channel

Let people know you have a Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram Group) on your social platforms. Twitter & Reddit are your best friends.,, are very useful. Fling Group with the help of Winko Club will help you to advertise on top of your self-promoting efforts.

Advertise your Channel
Encourage them to renew, It's easy

Keep your Fans Busy

Your fans are in your premium group because they are interested in you. There are many ways to keep them that way. There are more ways other than just posting photos and videos why not create polls, share voice notes, share things that just happened to you.

Keep your Fans Busy
Fling Groups for Telegram have finally arrived

“We take care of your billing, you take care creating your awesome content.”

Premium Snapchat vs Fling Group (aka Premium Telegram Group)

“What is the difference?”

WhatsApp Groups
Premium Snapchat Groups
Telegram Groups
Telegram Groups + Fling Groups Add-on
Number of members
63 (group members),
6000 (story viewers)
Working Platforms
Cellphones, Computer (through webbrowser)
Cellphones, Computer (through webbrowser or application)
Cellphones, Computer (through webbrowser or application)
Keeps your Phone Number Private?
Billing Methods to Members
Manual (content creator must use own means)
Manual (content creator must use own means)
Manual (content creator must use own means)
Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard)
Automatic Billing
Automatic Non-Paying Member Ejection
Content is automatically deleted?
Support to receive tips?
Automatic Shotouts?
* Working platforms include any platform where Telegram may be installed: current IOS device such as iPhone or iPad, and any current Android device. * Memberships will be automatically charged each 30 calendar days. * Pre-made content is any material that is previously saved on a device. * Content can be automatically deleted. Snapchat has this feature turned on by default, Telegram has it but it needs to be turned on. * More than one admin per group.
It is easy to get lost (billing, creating content, dayjob, school, personal life)

Fling Groups are Here to Help

Fling Group is the way to convert your vanilla Telegram group to a Premium Telegram group. It is a solution for content creators that will ease their member management. You are very welcome to watch this video from our TechJunky friends, they show you how to create a Telegram group.

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